Have you ever heard of the Masterclass site? 

If not, it is a fantastic collection of leaders aggregated into a single platform for online learners.

The window into this portal masks the learning opportunities and the price splashed on the landing page doesn’t do justice to the value.

Let me explain a little.

I was looking for new learning experiences and specifically new content from outside my B2B sales domain.  I had looked through a variety of traditional corridors such as Udemy, HBR and similar content and course subscriptions – all valuable but not the fresh content I was seeking.

Until I found Masterclass.

The first experience within Masterclass was Aaron Sorkin’s class.  I have never witnessed a dialogue like his before.  Frank and insightful are the first words that come to mind, but it was more than that.  I was introduced to his thinking and true learnings in a way that I could absorb and frame into my work practices.

masterclass 2.jpg

To have Aaron speak to and not down or at was exciting and attracted me to complete his class and move further into the offerings.  I won’t go course-by-course, but I will say that David Mamet was fantastic and his style of encouragement and depth of explanation had a profound effect on my learning expectations of future instructors, their style and knowledge.

As I moved beyond David, that expectation has been met at most every turn across a range of disciplines.

The key element I was looking for from Masterclass, was to be exposed to a variety of storytelling methods and techniques from recognised literary and film leaders. I have found more value from the courses I have consumed than from any other series of classroom or online forums. The richness is high and the quality of production is as high.

I continue to be a subscriber and focus mainly on the creative experts who produce content.  While that could seem like writers and producers only, I have gained interesting perspectives when hearing from Garry Kasparov and Herbie Hancock.

The portal has added new creators at a regular pace and the return-on-investment against time and money has exceeded my expectations.

If you are looking for entertainment and education combined in front of you, give it a close look.

…and I should state I have no affiliate connection…just a happy customer…