SimpleMind - mind mapping software

Have you ever looked at mind mapping and wondered what all the fuss is about?

If so, you are definitely entitled.

I am a fan and longtime user of mind mapping software and use it more regularly than any other software on my PC apart from email and calendar.

It is my go-to software not because of the flair that is at times attributed to mind map construction but purely as a workplace efficiency lever.

There are many excellent mind mapping tools, and my preferences are:

  • SimpleMind.

  • MindManager.

  • iThoughts.

Each has different +/- and in this article, I will introduce SimpleMind and discuss the other apps in future posts.



SimpleMind is priced for any budget and is multi-platform, but that doesn’t suggest it is a limited platform.

In my sales role, I regularly use this software to build out meeting plans through to proposal outlines. The multi-platform feature allows me to start working on my mobile phone and pick the work up later from my PC.

SimpleMind has a color palette that makes working on smaller screens a fundamental task.  As the software has continued in its development, there have been many useful integrations added, and you will find their introductory videos at this link

Note – I am not an affiliate, just a satisfied customer.

The benefits I associate with SimpleMind versus other mind mapping software are the collaboration possibilities.  Because the software has a full range of functionality at a price point that even the smallest enterprises would find within their reach, the opportunity for collaboration is high.

In addition to the collaboration, the clarity of presentation and simplicity of planning bring a multiplier to the business value equation.

Well worth a look and giving the free trial a test.